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An Introduction of Delta NMR Data Processing Software ver.5 *Movie available*

Release Date: 2020/05/22

The "Delta NMR Data Processing Software" is freely-distributed general purpose software to process the most of NMR data formats. You can process and analyze NMR data on your own PC. The "Delta NMR Data Processing Software" works on Windows and Mac. We will introduce how to get and to register software, and how to operate 1D data processing in this web seminar. Users of non-JEOL NMR instruments are also the most welcome for using our software and to participate in this seminar.

This seminar will be distributed online. As far as you can connect to internet, you can participate in the seminar from your computer as well as from your smartphone or tablet. We look forward to your participation.

Date and Time:

  • Tuesday, 30 Jun, 2020
    1st distribution time 13:00-14:00 (Tokyo UTC +9:00)
    2nd distribution time 15:00-16:00 (Tokyo UTC +9:00)

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  • free


  • 200 people


* Please read the attached file about how to register for and attend the WEB Seminar. (PDF 652KB)
* Seminar materials will be distributed in advance to those who have registered for participation by one day before the seminar date. To those who registers after that, the materials will be distributed after the seminar is over.
* Please note that registration by competitors may not be accepted.


  • Person in charge: Akihiro Hirokawa
    Demand Generation Div.
    JEOL Ltd.


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An Introduction of Delta NMR Data Processing Software ver.5


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