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Mass Spectrometry Guidebooks

These are JEOL MS guidebooks that contain useful information for everyone from mass spectrometry beginners to experts.
In addition to basic explanations of GC-MS methods, ionization methods, etc., they also cover the latest application examples.
Please use them for your first steps in mass spectrometry, to reconfirm your knowledge, or to train new comers within your company or institution.

JEOL GC-MS Primer - A Guidebook -

Gas Chromatograph - Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS) is a combination of Gas Chromatograph (GC) and Mass Spectrometer (MS) in which the MS acts as a detector for the GC. JEOL offers various types of GC-MS, such as Gas Chromatograph - Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer (GC-QMS), Gas Chromatograph - Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer (GC-TQMS, a GC-QMS/MS), Gas Chromatograph - Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer (GC-TOFMS), and gas chromatograph - magnetic sector mass spectrometer, depending on the application. This guidebook explains the basics of GC-MS and the features and applications of different types of GC-MS in plain language.

Ionization Methods for JEOL Mass Spectrometers -A Guidebook-

JEOL mass spectrometers support a variety of ionization methods, including ionization combined with chromatography, ionization using direct sample loading, hard ionization, soft ionization, etc.
This guidebook will describe the principles and characteristics of these methods and introduce their applications.

JEOL GC-MS Soft Ionization Mass Spectra Collection

Various types of compounds, which are typically analyzed with GC-MS, were measured by electron ionization and soft ionization methods:

  • Chemical Ionization (CI)
  • Photoionization (PI)
  • Field Ionization (FI)

The mass spectra are collected in this booklet for easy comparison.

Polymeric Materials Analysis by JEOL Mass Spectrometers - A Guidebook -

Mass spectrometry (MS) is a method that can perform qualitative and quantitative analyses of polymers and additives contained in polymeric materials by ionizing them and analyzing their molecular masses. There are multiple ionization methods, mass spectrometer types, and data analysis technologies, and it is possible to obtain more comprehensive information by combining them.
In this guidebook, we will introduce polymeric material analysis solutions that make full use of JEOL's high performance mass spectrometers.


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